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Christmas Tree with Metal Stand and Decorative Items-Gurgaon (26 views)

Published on : Dec, 5,2018

Resembling real Christmas tree, this tree sets new standards when it comes to usability. The design is its main attraction that helps you add as many decorations and trinkets as much as you can with plenty of space. It is a must-buy for your home decoration this holiday season! The pine spikes add to its naturalistic look. The emerald green colour is yet another winning factor of this tree. The metal stand makes sure it won’t tremble or shake from its place.

It also features a list of decorative items that come along with it. The small trinkets, balls and more have been added with it to further enhance its overall appearance.

Available in different sizes, this Christmas tree is truly a stunner for gifting and decoration!

Contact Name : Rajeev Bansal

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